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  3. brendinjones says:

  4. oliviarachel says:



  7. rochelebrown says:

    Rochele Brown:

  8. djhansolo says:

    hello class…

    –djhansolo (Hana Bowers)

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  13. eileenjin says:

  14. esopbaek says:

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  16. pjh619 says:

    Peter Halibozek



  19. joenaeem says:

    Hello! I am Joe Naeem’s blog.

  20. tperry13 says:


  22. joenaeem says:

    Hello! I am Joe Naeem’s blog.

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  24. katherinearmstrong14 says:

  25. hannahrowe says:

    In “Ecumenical America: Global culture and the American cosmos,” it is argued that Western-American cultural influence has not lead to homogenization of the culture of the world, but sparked production within individual cultures. This lack of homogenization is ostensibly accurate when one examines the environment’s impact on its surrounding culture. For example, the article discusses how Jamaican popular music developed over time, elucidating on how the Jamaican imitations of American music during the “laboring” movements accompanied by secular rhythms created a new musical form known as ska. Then, due to the economic status of the working-class Jamaicans, a “hifidelity system outfitted with enormous bass speakers” was formed, which lead to the birth of the disc jockey. With rhythmic commentary here and nonsense lyrics there, distinctive features of reggae soon emerged. In short, aspects of Western culture, such as music, are inevitably going to have an influence cross-culturally. However, each cultural environment is so distinct that homogenization is impossible because that aspect will unavoidably be altered and modified to fit the ethos and traditions of the particular culture, and indeed consequently, cultural “hypercreativity” may be observed. Thus, every culture influences one another, but the various cultures take those ideas and make them their own.

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  28. pjh619 says:
    Peter Halibozek

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  30. Blog:

  31. oliviarachel says:


  32. djhansolo says:

    -hana bowers

  33. hannahrowe says:

  34. chrisallen15 says:


    -Adam J. Reed

  36. blangle21 says:

    Bonita Langle

  37. bryanjpark says:

    Bryan Park

  38. mikereilly84 says:

    Michael (or Mike) Reilly

  39. billyb1015 says:

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