Performance Comment Thread: Hermeto Pascoal

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A question to start things off: What relationship do you see between Pascoal’s approach to music-making and Oswalde de Andrade’s 1928 Manifesto Antropófago?

8 Comments on “Performance Comment Thread: Hermeto Pascoal”

  1. joenaeem says:

    It seems clear to me that Pascoal has an immense appetite for sounds and musical colors. I was amazed by the virtuosity of the musicians, but even more so by the danceability and enjoyability of all the compositions. To me, Pascoal’s assertion (after the performance) that he plays “Universal Music” is relate to Oswalde de Andrade’s Manifesto…the idea that a musician can “eat up” whatever musical styles he wants and can incorporate them into their own style of music. This is important to me. I respect musicians that are able to have broad, rather than narrow, appeal by borrowing freely from multiple musical traditions. I think about Charles Mingus in this sort of a way. He was a composer, and encouraged improvisation. He brought many musicians into his fold, gave them a structure, and enabled them to express their personalities on top of that. That’s cool. That’s music. And I dig it.

    Bravo Hermeto Pascoal!

  2. As much as I was hypnotized by the sounds and lights in the performance, I had a migraine so I could not fully appreciate the mixture of instruments and song, however I enjoyed the performance (to the degree one can with a splitting headache listening to screechy sounds).

  3. bryanjpark says:

    I thought the performance was really entertaining. Although I went into this performance with no knowledge of Pascoal and his music, I was left amazed at the band’s talents. The entire performance sounded very jazzy to me. The female singer also reminded me of songs by another Brazilian artist Sergio Mendes with her loud high pitched singing.

    Each band member had their own “specialty” with an instrument… and the one playing the saxophone and a couple other brass instruments was very impressive to me as he would alternate with the instruments every so often. The drummer and the man who played the tambourines/ xylophone- type instrument both had amazing solos. The tambourine man even used a rubber ducky and another toy to make music which was hilarious. It surprised me that even in a serious performance, a children’s toy like a rubber ducky can be used to make music. Near the end of the performance, he had the crowd participate with one of the songs and that was fun to take part in too.

    All in all, the performance was very entertaining and I would definitely be interested in attending another of Hermeto Pascoal’s performances.

  4. bfrake13 says:

    Hermeto Pascoal’s group performance was very fun and enjoyable, and I believe left the crowd wanting more. I must say it was reassuring to see what we have been reading about in class, appear multiple times throughout the concert. Specifically, the sense of call and response that Pascoal led with the audience. As opposed to the Indian Jazz Suites, where the call and response was displayed by just the performers on the stage, Pascoal was dynamic enough to get the audience successfully answering his calls. In addition, Pascoal’s varied use of instruments and quirky styles of seeming improvisational techniques made the concert even more entertaining!

    • joenaeem says:

      @bfrake13 – that’s a great call – Hermote Pascoal DID extend call and response to the audience, which makes the whole performance more affective and interesting.

  5. Scott Lacy says:

    I also enjoyed the concert. I arrived a touch late, so it was fun to slip into the back and be instantly thrown into the music. Pascoal really captured the entire theater and once I sat down I forgot I was sitting in the back. It is very evident he sees the world as a musical instrument and ordinary everyday things can be musical to him. I had looked up videos him before the concert and found videos of Pascoal using bottles, frogs, and even his beard as instruments.

    I also appreciated recognizing elements of music we have been talking about in class. It was nice to see them outside of papers specifically about them and hear them in other contexts.

    Ultimately, I thought is was great. I have been to very few concerts, so each new one has a large impact on how I view them so I was a touch apprehensive. I am glad I went in the end.

  6. Eileen says:

    I thought the concert was great. As someone more accustomed to music created by traditional instruments, it was interesting to see and hear unconventional sounds organized into a lyrical piece. What’s more, the different tones made the music even more captivating. It was fun to close my eyes and guess what objects were creating the sounds I was listening to. Herman Pascoal’s unique way of producing music definitely broadened my definition of music.

  7. Anthony Zhao says:

    Definitely entered the performance not knowing what to expect and had my eyes opened. Hermeto Pascoal’s eclectic personality definitely brings energy to the rest of the group, from the very impressive sax/brass player to the high-pitched singer (although it was difficult to hear her at times as the volume of the instruments were quite loud). The most interesting for me was when they took non-orthodox music instruments and did interesting arrangements with all the bandmembers, as it was a nice lull from the high energy full ensemble. In terms of what I got out of it for class, it was really nice to use the concepts we learned in the class presentations and readings to understand the context and elements of the music. Definitely glad I went to the show.

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