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Readings for April 10

Required readings:

Turino, Thomas. “The Music of Sub-Saharan Africa.” In Excursions in World Music, ed. Bruno Nettl, et al., 161-190. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004. Available on Blackboard.

Agawu, Kofi V. “Structural Analysis or Cultural Analysis: Competing Perspectives on the ‘Standard Pattern’ of West African Rhythm.” Journal of the American Musicological Society 59:1 (2006): 1-46.

2007 radio interview with Pandit Chitresh Das

From KQED’s Spark, May 2007. Features “India Jazz Suites.”

A real audio file that can be played in VLC can be found here.

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Readings for April 5

Required readings:

Crook, Larry. “Black ConsciousnessSamba Reggae, and the Re-Africanization of Bahian Carnival Music in Brazil.” The World of Music 35.2 (1993): 90-108. Available on Blackboard.

McCann, Bryan. “Different Drummers.” In The Throes of Democracy: Brazil since 1989. 95-115.  London: Zed Press, 2008. Available on Blackboard.

Suggested readings:

Béhague , Gerard. “Rap, Reggae, Rock, or Samba: The Local and the Global in Brazilian Popular Music (1985-95).” Latin American Music Review /  Revista de Música Latinoamericana, 27.1 (2006): 79-90.