Performance Comment Thread: Hermeto Pascoal

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A question to start things off: What relationship do you see between Pascoal’s approach to music-making and Oswalde de Andrade’s 1928 Manifesto Antropófago?

Paul Simon in front of Olodum

O Trem das Onze

One of the most famous Brazilian songs ever


Não posso ficar
Nem mais um minuto com você
Sinto muito, amor
Mas não pode ser

Moro em Jaçanã
Se eu perder esse trem
Que sai agora, às 11 horas
Só amanhã de manhã

E além disso mulher
Tem outra coisa
Minha mãe não dorme
Enquanto eu não chegar
Sou filho único
Tenho minha casa p’ra olhar


I can’t stay
Not even another minute with you
I am sorry, honey
But it can not be

I live in Jaçanã
If I miss this train
That leaves now at 11 PM
Only tomorrow morning

And besides that, woman
There’s another thing
My mother doesn’t sleep
Until I get home
I’m an only child
I have my house to look after

Hermeto Pascoal’s version

Some Brazilian drumming styles

Aishá Lourenço plays the pandeiero

The baterias (drum ensembles) of a few Rio carnaval samba schools in 2011

Olodum drummers on the street in Salvador, Bahia

Forróçacana performing forró

Zeca Pegodinho and friends playing samba pagode in a backyard